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Online Resources

Because of all of the “lose weight quick” scams on the internet, it can be challenging finding reliable resources.  Other than this site,, here are a few others sites our editors found to be helpful:

The World’s Healthiest Foods - To lose weight and keep it off you need to eat nutritious food. This website has everything you ever wanted to know about healthy foods.

Mayo Clinic Weight Loss Information - Tons of great weight loss information written by Mayo Clinic staff.

Calorie Counter Charts - This site has provided reliable calorie and fat information for many foods for over a decade.

USDA Nutrition Reference Tool - The database here will tell you the nutritional data of just about any food. - This site has information about many health related subjects. – A website created and maintained by the US Government helping people lose weight.

American Heart Association - This site has information about everything ranging from your heart and exercise to strokes and heart attacks.

If you have any suggestions on other sites that should be listed, please email support at  We only review sites that offer considerable helpful information and avoid sites focusing on product promotion.